Many residential ponds are serene and pleasant spots to relax and enjoy nature. However, few stay that way without human interference. Property owners often test water to ensure it is safe enough for aquatic life. Nearly all residential ponds that are clear and beautiful include pumps that pull water up and spray it into the air. The process is necessary to increase oxygen levels and mix water, which keeps it healthy. The fountain effect created by the spray also adds interest and beauty.

Aeration Adds Critical Oxygen to Water

Pond water naturally contains oxygen, but it in much smaller amounts than the air. Although plant life in ponds helps produce oxygen, it can be depleted, especially when algae is plentiful. Without enough oxygen, fish and some plant life cannot grow and massive fish kills may even result. Fortunately, installing either a floating or submersible pump will solve the problems. The devices draw water into the air, where it can absorb critical dissolved oxygen.

Agitating Pond Water Keeps it Healthy

An aerating pump helps improve a pond’s water quality. The water that a pump draws from a pond is mixed with air and then forced back down. In the process, phosphorous is converted to a form that is non-usable for algae to thrive. That prevents the choking algae growths that can block out the sun and oxygen needed by fish. Aeration also mixes algae spores and drives them into deep areas where they do not have the light to grow. Mixing water reduces foul-smelling hydrogen sulfide gas. The constant water flow also makes it difficult for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

Fountain Effects Add Beauty

The spray created by a pond pump creates an elegant fountain effect that becomes an interesting visual element. In fact, many homeowners get creative with larger bodies of water and install several aerators. Suppliers also sell light kits that turn fountains into night displays.

An aerating pump can keep pond water healthy by spraying it into the air so it gets more oxygen. Fresh oxygen helps aquatic life thrive and mixing water constantly helps prevent problems like algae, mosquitoes, and unpleasant odors. The spray also produces an attractive fountain effect that creates visual interest.