The idea of having a pond on one’s property is a good one if it is constructed and maintained correctly. When one is considering having a pond installed, a good local contractor should be called in. Make sure they have experience in building ponds and have past projects to visit. When the pond is complete, make sure to have a maintenance plan in place to make sure it does not degrade over time. Ponds can be used for several purposes and should be designed and built accordingly. One thing most man-made ponds have in common is that they need aeration.

Companies such as Kasco are well known for their large line of aeration products. There are products available for both diffused and surface aeration. Living Water Aeration is a manufacturer of these products carried by companies such as Kasco. Aeration systems help to keep all types of ponds clean and healthy. Some types of aeration systems to choose from include windmill pond aerators, garden type, solar powered systems, diffused aeration systems, quiet line styles, and high-oxygen surface aerators. The type and size of the pond will determine the type and model of an aeration system that will be needed.

Solar and windmill types of aerator systems are becoming very popular because of their earth friendly reputations. For a small garden pond, it will be fine to use a simple garden pond aerator or a quiet line style. The contractor installing the pond may be the one who can advise the property owner on the best kind of aeration system. The customer can also call the company that they choose to supply the aeration system to get advice on system type and model best for their use. Many people like the look of a fountain or lighted aerator system in their ponds. Aerators can work from the bottom of the pond up moving a lot of water. The aeration kits can be installed by the landowner or by their pond installation contractor. They require little in the way of maintenance and are made of sturdy, water-resistant parts designed to last many years. For more information, go to the website.