Things to Know about Car Coating

Coat and protect your car’s body paint with glass coating, an inorganic material composed of silica-based or quartz-silane-based compounds. You will not experience any staining with these substances. They are much better than wax, because they can preserve the shine and surface of your car much longer.

Their composition is not easily subjected to oxidation which make them an effective car coating. Oxidization is the chemical reaction of certain substances with oxygen in the air, causing them to weaken and deteriorate. When oxidation attacks a car wax it basically diminishes it effectiveness leaving your car vulnerable to harmful elements and rust.

Glass coating – or simply ‘coating’ – provides longer lasting protection and shine for your car surface.
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Glass Coating Lasts Longer than Wax
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Car wax is made up largely of carnauba wax oil. It is a palm tree extract. One of the important qualities of carnauba wax oil is its water-repellent property and ability to cover minute scratches.

But it can easily attract dirt because it is viscous. Long exposure to the heat of the sun and engine heat, however, can cause the wax to deteriorate and melt, leaving your car surface unprotected. Its properties are also susceptible to deterioration by exposure to water pressure.

Coating, however, is made up of better substances like silicon, silica, fluorine, and titanium. The film coating created by the chemical reaction of these substances slide below the paint’s surface and forms a very tough layer of protection. This results in a very tough coat that is resistant to all kinds of adverse conditions like dirt, heat, cold, and rain, and gives your car a longer lasting shine than wax. Applying car coating can be simple or complex depending on the requirements of the glass coat product you are using.

It is of utmost importance, however, that your car’s surface is absolutely free of dirt before applying the coat. This is how to prepare your car’s surface before coating.

Use the Best Coat for Your Car

There are two kinds of glass coating: silica-based and quartz-silane-based. If you want a more durable, high-gloss finish coating, then a quartz-silane-based coating is what you need. The quartz-silane-based coat is more expensive because it takes longer to formulate, and takes longer to completely cure which is about three weeks.

On the other hand, a silica-based coat is cheaper by comparison and will also give your car good luster and protection. The only setback is that, obviously, it is less durable; and it also is less water-repellent than the quartz-silane-based.

The silica-based and quartz-silane-based glass coats are the two leading car coatings in the industry today because of the cutting-edge technology behind their manufacture.