What You Need to Know about Asphalt Maintenance

If you are looking for a great material to pave your parking lot or driveway, look no further than asphalt. With asphalt paving, you do not have to be worried about the basic wear and tear that results from foot traffic and vehicles or the harsh weather conditions. It is also recommended that you use asphalt for your paving needs because it is a green product that is easily recycled. Although the asphalt pavements are long-lasting, they also need to be maintained so that they remain in top condition. This essay will shed some light on important tips on the maintenance and repair of asphalt parking lots.

One of the ways to maintain your asphalt pavement is through patch repairs. This deals with areas that are isolated and have some pot holes. Patch repairs are easy and they do not need a lot of work. However, to do these repairs you will need some specialized equipment such as the grinding machine, saw cutter and a backhoe. As you carry on your repair, you will have to replace the base rock so that it matches the surrounding areas. If you are in Rockford, you can always get the services of a pavement construction company that will ensure that you have the right manpower and equipment to repair your pavement.

You can also use an overlay to maintain an asphalt pavement. An asphalt overlay is very important because it provides a new wearing surface. One must also consider the thickness of the overlay since that is very crucial in ensuring that the pavement is durable. The recommended thickness is about 2.5 inches or 1.5 at a minimum. A smooth transition is also important for the overlay. This means that you are not required to grind the existing pavement so that it matches the old pavement.
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The last important part of the asphalt maintenance is seal coating which extends the pavements durability. The seal is made of a number of things including mineral fiber, emulsified asphalt, and water. Seal coating provides a protective layer from various natural elements like the sun, water, and snow. There are many versions of asphalt seal coat and it is very important to get the help of a professional in knowing which seal coat is right for you. On many occasions, all you need for the maintenance of your pavement is some seal coating. When seal coating is applied early enough, you get to reduce your expenditure on repairs.
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It’s important to remember that maintenance of asphalt pavements is very important. While some people prefer doing the repairs themselves, it is important for well-trained professionals to do it because they get to ensure that the repairs are done properly.