It is now common for thrifty homeowners to maximize the space on their properties and that often includes adding outdoor living spaces. Homeowners in areas with cold winters often add chimineas, the decorative, portable heat sources that allow outdoor fun to continue year round. For example, thousands of stylish Denver chimineas brighten summer nights and are also the centerpieces of cozy gatherings during chilly winters.

Age Old Design Has Been Adapted for Modern Needs

Chimineas are freestanding fireplaces that generally have large round bodies, although they may be created in other shapes. They also include chimneys or smoke vents. The idea behind the portable devices is actually very old and most likely began life in Mexico or Spain centuries ago. The first chimineas were made of clay and many of today’s styles still are. Suppliers also offer elegant cast iron or even aluminum products. Although original models were used for heating and cooking, today’s chimineas generally serve as decorative fireplaces which may or may not be adapted for barbecuing.

Stylish Chimineas Can Extend Living Space

Homeowners who want to make the most of their backyard spaces often turn patios into complete recreational centers that have heat sources as centerpieces. Many substitute decorative chimineas for traditional fireplaces built from brick or stone. Chimineas are light, portable and available in a wide range of styles. In fact, they often form the centerpieces for gardens or outdoor gathering places. Their welcoming fires can serve as a relaxing spots to meditate and enjoy nature or the ideal areas for groups of people to stay warm and relax on chilly nights.

Chimineas Are Eco Friendly

Wood burning chimineas are in high demand because they provide clean heat. Wood is also a renewable energy source and its ashes can be used to fertilize plants. Some models include grills that turn them into barbecues which are much more earth friendly than traditional heat sources. Even the clay or metals that are used to make chimineas are recyclable.

Many homeowners now create backyard recreation areas that include good-looking, portable chimineas instead of traditional fireplaces. Adding clay or metal chimineas to patios or gardens can instantly turn them into perfect gathering places or quiet meditation spots.